Day 7 - Zülpich

Got up this morning, packed, had a nice breakfast with E and got on my bike a few minutes before 10. I then rode into central Köln along the Rhine and after a few wrong turns found Sergej waiting in front of the Dom. We said our hellos and I told S that I was having some problems with a creaky bottom bracket and/or cranks. We then set out to find a bike shop to have it looked at. Two hours and four bike shops later I was told that the BB probably is fine, but the right crank is a bit loose and since it's only pressed on it will eventually have to be replaced. Before we even got out of Köln, S had a rear puncture and my front inner tube ruptured.

Plans change, some more often than others. In Bonn, after yet another visit to a bike shop, this time to replace S's rear tyre that had become uneven, we took another look at the maps. After some deliberation, heavily influenced by S's tales of the scenery we could enjoy if we got off the Rhine, I exclaimed: "Let's go to Belgium!"

So now we're camping in Zülpich, which is, going like we did via Bonn, about halfway between Köln and Malmédy. From there we'll head south along the border between Luxembourg and Germany, with me probably catching a train from Trier to Rostock on friday or saturday.

I knew in advance that I would learn a lot from touring together with S. But already this, the freedom of making up the route as you go along, is amazing. I'm starting to actually wish I wouldn't have to go back to work next monday.

The weather today was hot, with temperatures between 33 and 37 degrees C. I went through a lot of water, but managed surprisingly well considering the heat. We might get some rain tonight though, as there's now a heavy cloud cover and the wind is picking up, rattling our tents. I just hope it won't be too wet tomorrow.


Today: 83,29 km, 4h24m50s, 18,87 kmh avg, 50,3 kmh max.
Tour total: 649,03 km.

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