Day 4 - Hannover

Frank, my host in Uelzen, proved to be more welcoming than I could ever had hoped for. After I had had a shower, pizza was soon ready. Later, after I had finished posting my blog and writing a few e-mails, we went for a walk and he showed me the famous train station, with its magnificent Hundertwasser decorations. This morning Frank served up a wonderful breakfast. He also offered me valuable tips and information about the road that laid ahead.

Today I had only a little bit of rain as I left Uelzen. I also managed to take another detour, blindly following signs that promised a bike route to the B4. Not being the shortest option by a long shot, it did get me there, but I lost a little time in the process. Luckily the sky got brighter fast and after an hour I had to shed my windstopper jacket as I got too hot. There was still a fairly compact cloud cover, but the temperature was rising steadily. The sun also eventually came out and put a smile on my face.

In Celle I stopped to get something to eat. I figured I could afford myself a treat, and with a couple of Polish buskers in medieval kit watching over my bike, I found a wienerschnitzel with my name on it. Well fed I navigated out of town and headed for Hannover.

There was a bike path along the B3, which continued even as the road became an autobahn. Before entering Hannover, I was led onto a quiet country lane, which offered a scenic route into the city. Navigating through the suburbs, I suffered another flat but got going in a matter of minutes. Bewildered by the many roads leading towards the center of the city, I was aided by an older gentleman on a beautiful 30 year old Peugeot bike. He led me all the way to Kleefeld where I was pointed to the right street by a group of girls.

I found my host here in Hannover, Hans-Christian, through the Warm Showers list. It's an excellent service touring cyclists can offer to others while at home, and use to find a place to stay when on the road. HC has provided me with a couch, and given me something perhaps even more valuable. In Germany there's a printed list of cyclists willing to host tourers. With all the changes to my schedule, CouchSurfing might not be up to the task. Now, after making a quick phone call, I have a host in Bielefeld for tomorrow.

I have chosen to rest on Sunday, taking the train to Köln to make up for lost time. One of the lessons I've taken to heart from the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook is that touring is about traveling, not necessarily riding every single kilometer of the way.


Today: 109,30 km, 5h44m54s, 19,01 kmh avg, 47,3 kmh max.
Tour total: 360,36 km.

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