Day 3 - Uelzen

This will be a short(ish) one, but today's ride most certainly wasn't.

Leaving Schwerin just as the first drops of rain started to fall (I hope this pattern doesn't keep repeating itself..), I was met by a detour. And this time it wasn't even my doing. The B106 south of Schwerin was closed due to construction and I had to go around to the B321, in all 7 kms of rain I could have done without. Not the one to give up, I pushed forward, my legs slowly warming up after yesterdays climbing in the cold.

Just outside of Ludwigslust, my rear tyre went pfff. Rolling slowly, looking for some shelter from the rain, I didn't do what I should have which was stop immediately. This resulted in another snapped spoke, but at least I found some cover under which I proceeded to change the inner tube. Having originally decided to go around Ludwigslust, in hope of a somewhat shorter route towards Dömitz, Dannenberg and Uelzen, I chose to keep going and try to find a bike shop. Just as I entered Ludwigslust, I encountered an older gentleman who seemed friendly, and more than a little curious about my kit. He directed me to the nearest (one of two) bike shop, and wished me good luck. The repair was fast and cheap, and in less than half an hour I was back on the road again with a new spoke, a re-trued rear wheel and a couple of extra inner tubes.

The rest of my ride was mostly uneventful, and the sceneries I've seen would have to be experienced in person. Crossing the Elbe was a big moment, made more so by the heavy shower of rain that lasted for only 20 minutes. But it was more than enough for me to refrain from stopping and digging out my camera.

I've had another rainy day, but warmer and not quite as wet as yesterday. But it wasn't until I reached the outskirts of Uelzen until I saw the sun for more than a fleeting moment. I'm now staying with another couchsurfing host, and have just finished devouring my meal for the evening.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Hannover, originally my destination for today. It should only be about 100 km or so, and the weather should also improve further. And believe me, it's about time!


Today: 139,31 km, 6h53m8s, 20,23 kmh avg, 38,6 kmh max.
Tour total: 251,05 km.

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