A month

It's been nearly a month since I last rode a bike. Getting hit by a car and spending my convalescence trying to keep up with an overly optimistic schedule has made a significant dent in my cycling routine. Luckily I wasn't too badly injured, and I wasn't out on my roadie when it happened. Still, up until this weekend my shoulder has told me that I should at least stay away from SPD pedals.

And now, as I figure I'm well enough to head out on a light training ride, I look out the window at low, grey clouds and the first heavy drops of a rain that looks like it will hang around for a while. Damn.

Oh well, guess I'll survive having to wait another couple of days. Germany's going to be a bitch, though, without enough kilometers in my legs in advance..

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dan murphy said...

Fuck man.. I didn't know you got hit by a car. How bad was it? Any photos? Hope you're well.